Surgeons confused by Living Wills: Important Information for You and Your Aging Parent

by Dale on December 26, 2011


(Thanks to our guest blogger for highlighting a matter that is critical to quality of life and death for everyone!  Douglas D. Germann, Sr. is an Elder Caring Lawyer in South Bend, Indiana.  His contact information is at the end of this post.)


Here is an article from the Annals of Surgery which headlines that surgeons don€™t discuss end of life care, especially when they are performing risky procedures.  (To read the article, click here.  More details are available by clicking here.)


But, if you read more closely, at least in this Reuters news piece, what you see is that the surgeons feel their hands are or may be tied by a paper that says No CPR or DNR (do not resuscitate)  or the like. So some do not want to ask in the first place.


The surgeons are right to be confused and frustrated by Advance Directives. What they need to do their healing is to have a flexible, reasoned approach to the exigencies that come up during operations.


What is needed is someone they can consult (an authorized and informed, but more than that, reflective and caring person) and with whom they can make a decision.


And that spells just one thing: Conversation, lots of conversation before the day of the operation with a trusted person to whom you have given a broad POA. Conversation, lots of continuing conversation.


(To reach Doug at his website and blog, click here.  You are invited to post comments there as well.)




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