The Red Suitcase: “a mother-daughter movie about new beginnings”

by Dale on November 24, 2013

the red suitcase


Two weeks ago I appeared on a wonderful PBS program, “Caring for an Aging Parent.”  As I answered one of the host’s questions, it suddenly occurred to me that while we talked about the challenges of an aging parent, I had to emphasize that for me, it was about “second chances.”  Because of my mother’s serious health crisis in 2008, I was able to develop a depth of relationship with her that I never thought possible!

So when film maker Dana White shared her current project with me, I immediately found myself “called to action.”  Dana’s film is all about an amazing cross-country road trip with her mother as her mother searches for a new life after a nasty divorce.

Back in 2008, after my mother recovered from her health and life crisis, Mom and I set out on a road trip of our own.  At her request, we traveled to her birthplace, an island on the eastern shore of Maryland.  I didn’t realize it then, but that trip was a time for my mother to go back to her roots and recall how she began life, reflect upon the choices she made and how she came to be the woman she now was!

You’ll understand how I was so captivated by Dana’s story when I tell you that my mother had also been abandoned by my father 20 years before when he succumbed to heart disease due to his defiant heavy smoking.  Back in 1989, at the time of his death, she was a shell of a woman who somehow pieced together an identity and a life.  Our road trip in 2008 literally helped my mother come full circle and recognize a life well-lived with much life yet to live.

I know how much my experience meant to me.  I applaud Dana for embarking on such a grand endeavor to bring the depth of her story for everyone to enjoy and reflect upon.  For now, take my advice and check out Dana White’s new film.  She is reaching out for donations in her crowd-funding efforts to make her film become a reality.  I plan to donate, and hope you will consider doing so as well.

You can learn more and view the film’s trailer here:

Thank you,  Dale…


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