Face of Lewy Body series: Identity and Relationship

by dale on January 18, 2017

bill chris jan 2017

In my ongoing “Face of Lewy Body” series, I want to talk about two very important concepts to the person with dementia. Identity and relationship.

The diagnosis of dementia can literally make a person feel as if they have lost who they are. Sometimes it seems that those around them reinforce that by their reactions and dismissal. I recognize this and seek out friends and experiences that will lift my husband up and help him feel embraced and loved.

Here’s a photo from his recent monthly USNA alumni luncheon. When we arrived last week and I was helping him get his coat off, I saw everyone stop and watch us. But, it wasn’t with judgmental eyes. I believe they were trying to understand. John got up and helped me get Bill situated and seated among his friends. I can’t tell you how much this time together means to me (and to him:-)

The guys spent two hours sharing books, war stories and all the wild shenanigans they had done as young men. What a brotherhood! Through this wonderful group, Bill has retained his identity and has certainly found caring and loving relationships that I know will persevere.

Here is “The lesson: Preserve identity, celebrate personhood and create meaning in the moment” ~ Dr. G. Allen Power.



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