The Face of Lewy Body: Building Your Care Partner Team

by dale on January 23, 2017

In my ongoing “Face of Lewy Body” series, I want to talk about a very important concept, building your “caIMG_1794re partner team.” It is far too easy to think as a spouse (or primary family caregiver) facing caregiving … “I can do it all” or “I have to do it all”.

You know I always loved that song by Helen Reddy, “You and Me Against the World.” But that is absolutely NOT the right perspective. You will burn out AND loved one will miss out on the caring, love, expertise and rich relationships with others.

Building your care partner team is vital. Ours include our wonderful caregiver (2 afternoons a week), adult day program (one day a week), our adult children (living across the country), my husband’s alumni friends, his doctors and nurses. It’s true that my husband’s condition continues to “evolve” and I often feel I am in a state of constant assessing and adjusting. But I know I have my “care partner team” in place and ready to help us. Before I ask for help, I am careful and respectful to think about the right person and right question to ask.

Amidst the crises and challenges, often an amazing opportunity will pop up and I’ll wonder, how can I help my husband take part. Today I pondered, how can I get my husband to his 50th reunion in Newport, RI in September? I reached out to our older son and asked, can you join us in this trip? He immediately said “yes”. My heart was full as I realized this special time together will be a gift for my son and his father to share old and new memories.

The lesson: Build and nurture your care partner team for your loved one and yourself. It’s not just finding and coordinating care, expertise and support. It’s about expanding the circle of love for you and your loved one!


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