Capturing Your Loved One’s Story – In Their Voice

by dale on March 3, 2017

Is there any greater treasure than to hear your loved one’s voice after they have passed away?  My dear mother passed away in September, 2015.  Imagine my surprise when Facebook showed me a memory of 7 years ago, a recording of a 30 minute radio interview with my mother!

mom and me 03202014

Our first selfie!

We get so busy with all the logistics, doctors’ appointments, preparing for family gatherings, and so on.  This post is meant to inspire you to stop and find a way to capture your loved one’s voice before it is too late.

I did it in a unique way.  For several years, I hosted a BlogTalkRadio show.  About a year after my mother made the huge transition of selling her home of 30 years and moving into a CCRC (continuing care retirement community), I invited Mom on my show.  Mom was truly the “poster child” for creating a new life for herself in her senior community in western Maryland.  She often remarked she felt like she had finally gotten to college and was living in a dormitory.  She loved the shared meals, wonderful parties and the many friendships.  My brother and I agree her 7 years at Fairhaven at Integrace were the best years of her life.

In retrospect, as I think back to when this show took place in 2010, Mom was in her prime with her health restored, amazing new friendships and opportunities in one of the warmest and friendliest senior communities I have ever visited.

Below is Mom’s 30 minute radio show from 2010.–hear-from-my-mother

Now find a way to capture your loved one’s voice and story before it is too late!

Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today.  Let us begin.” ~Mother Teresa


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