How to find the right medical alert for your loved one

by dale on March 6, 2017

a_medical alert 03062017On the day before I was to meet with a dear friend who was declining in health and in need of specific resources, an article came through my email, quite fortuitously.

The article was a detailed review of medical alerts on the market.  It had been a few years since I had done my research, and I knew the market must have changed dramatically.  It has!

So  let me provide you with a high level overview of the research and report that has completed. And, then click on their link (at the end of this post) to read their article in its entirety and find the medical alert that is right for your loved one. did an enormous amount of research,  spent over 100 hours talking with elder-care experts, reading through service agreements and hand-testing the top medical alerts.  The medical alerts reviewed run on cellular-enabled base stations and connect you to an independent central monitoring center.

Of course, the technology possibilities can be overwhelming.  So looked solely at the most basic function.  “Press a button.  Get help.”

They considered other basic requirements.  Since most falls occur in the bathroom, they ensure any recommendation offers waterproof equipment.

Their testing was comprehensive, including ordering and testing out their narrowed list of top providers in every aspect of operation: ease of setup and cancellation, timely and trained customer service, distance of functioning from base station and health of backup battery.

Their report then includes their top 3 picks (and a list of other systems to consider).  For each system, included a detailed description of their recommendation and any concerns.

After much review and discussion with my friend, she is going to reach out to Bay Alarm Medical.  But, it’s very important to understand your loved one’s needs and what the best fit is for him/her.

I encourage you to read the report in its entirety, “The Best Medical Alarm Systems”.  Click here


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