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Mom and me

Mom and me

(Update from Dale, February, 2018: I recently moved my husband and myself from Indiana to Colorado as I transitioned to full-time caregiver for my husband with Parkinson’s and Lewy Body.  As my time permits, I put up new blogposts on this site and microblog on Facebook at ‘Transition Aging Parents’.  Dale…)

My name is Dale Carter. I provide insight and information to adult children of aging parents. I am one of those adult children… a long distance caregiver to my elderly mother. My home is in Indiana while my mother lives in her home state of Maryland. In March, 2008, I experienced, first-hand, the challenges of helping an aging parent in acute crisis. Living 600 miles away, it was a terrible feeling to get the emergency call from her friend.

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I began writing my blog to share my experiences and lessons learned as I helped my mother through her health crisis. I helped her through a recovery period, helped her find interim home services, and also helped her select and move to a retirement community. I started from knowing nothing about eldercare, stages of aging or the range of options. I educated myself quickly. While I wanted my mother to have “quality of life”, I was very careful to listen to what she wanted. This was a huge learning experience for me… a major life changing experience. My perspective about aging has changed … for the better! I knew I had to share what I learned with others.

It is indeed a challenging time in our lives, but it can also be one of great joy, renewed bonds and reflection of lives well-lived!

I hope my book, e-course, radio show, blog and ezine articles will provide you with the information and perspective you need to walk on this journey with your aging parent so he/she can “thrive and find joy” in every stage of life.

Note:  My past professional work includes: high school/college instructor, IT analyst, business intelligence manager, and project manager/consultant.  My work, on behalf of the elderly, is by far my most fulfilling work!

In addition to my work with the elderly, I lend my time to the non-profit, Bridge of Hope Saint Joseph County.  I hope you will take a few moments to view our video that tells how we help single mothers out of transitional poverty.  http://bridgeofhopesjc.com/

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