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Wouldn’t it be great to face the chaos of any crisis OR the uncertainty of a change with a clear-cut process that ensures you meet the needs of your parent, your family and yourself?

Transitioning Your Aging Parent: A 5 Step Guide Through Crisis & Change  provides such a process.  The book helps adult children and families navigate the many changes their aging parents will face.  Dale Carter has developed a new framework, ADAPT, from her personal experience, her background as an educator and project manager, and a sincere desire to help families and their aging parents.

Readers will learn how to use the framework, apply specific strategies, and seek out appropriate resources that are right for their situation.  Personal stories are woven throughout to illustrate the concepts.

Dale is especially proud of the collaboration that went into the development of this book.  15 colleagues from across the country reviewed the manuscript for accuracy and completeness.  These esteemed geriatric specialists, caregiving professionals, coaches as well as caregivers in the trenches, helped ensure this book will be a useful resource and reference book for readers for years to come.

Join Dale Carter as she shares what she learned in helping her own mother navigate crisis and change to renewed health and happiness.

Discover how to approach any change or crisis in your parent’s life with clarity and confidence.

Discover how this new framework will guide you in making the right decisions for your parent while balancing your own personal needs and family responsibilities.

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Advance Praise and Testimonials

“As part of our philosophy of service, our organization has ordered hundreds of Dale’s books.  We offer “Transitioning Your Aging Parent” as a complimentary resource to families who are exploring options.  What makes the book so special is the senior-focused approach of the A.D.A.P.T. method espoused in the book.  What makes the book so effective is its concise presentation.  This is a book you can literally read in one sitting, but then refer back to on numerous occasions. I recommend this book as a foundational planning tool for how best to serve senior loved ones.”

Michael Allard, Director of Operations, Principal Senior Living Group, (www.bentonhouse.com)

“It’s almost as though you took all my years of training and managed to put order to it.  The ADAPT method of caregiving will decrease stress and give great comfort to families in the eldercare world.  My fear is that we can’t get it out to people fast enough.”

P.K. Beville, M.S., Founder, Second Wind Dreams & Geriatric Specialists

“This deceptively small book is one that every adult with a parent should read. It skillfully guides you step by step through the process of helping your parent’s transition. It’s full of helpful resources for you and your parent. It will be a lifesaver in a time of crisis, but I recommend you don’t wait until then. Get the book now and follow Dale Carter’s ADAPT method to prepare you and your parent for the inevitable changes ahead.”

– Debra Joy, CEO, Bcelebrated

“For those entering the unchartered waters as a caregiver, “Transitioning Your Aging Parent: A 5 Step Guide Through Crisis & Change” is an invaluable life raft. Dale Carter provides readers with a framework to help create solutions for the most complex family challenges. The book outlines countless resources and creative ideas to help the most frazzled caregiver reduce guilt and offer the freedom to help spend more quality time with their loved ones.”

Steve Gurney, Publisher, Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook

“Whether you are a business professional trying to help your aging parents, a long distance caregiver or a stay-at-home caregiver, you need  “Transitioning Your Aging Parent: A 5 Step Guide Through Crisis & Change.”  Dale’s ADAPT Method provides a step-by-step plan which changes overwhelming situations into manageable ones.  My favorite part of the ADAPT Method is that it balances respecting our aging parent while understanding the needs of the caregiver. Thank you Dale for creating a straightforward, quick-to-read guidebook for helping our parents transition through the aging process.”

Viki Kind,  Author, The Caregiver’s Path to Compassionate Decision Making – Making Choices for Those Who Can’t

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