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Workbook – “Beyond Driving with Dignity: the workbook for the families of older drivers”

Do you worry about the safety of your aging loved one each time they get behind the wheel?

  • Confused about how to approach him/her with concerns about their driving safety?
  • Have you attempted to have a conversation only to have it result in anger, tears and a stand-off?


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Then this workbook is for you!

  • Developed by an Ohio ex-state trooper, Matt Gurwell, and a team of gerontologists
  • A guide to help you develop the right mindset and approach when discussing driving safety with your loved one
  • Guides you through considering physical, memory and other health concerns related to driving safety
  • Includes helpful checklists, tips and scorecards
  • Helps you reach a peaceful resolution while acknowledging and respecting your loved one

Know that this can be an enjoyable and educational process for you, other family members, and even the older driver. Think of the wonderful stories of a lifetime that might be shared!

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“Enhanced Self-Assessment Program” for senior drivers

  • What if you’ve used the “Beyond Driving with Dignity” workbook to the best of your ability and you are still stalled?
  • Need help in navigating this stressful, emotion-packed, often life-threatening issue of when to stop driving?
  • You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to take action.
  • You also don’t want to arbitrarily “take away the car keys.”
  • You may wish to reach out to a certified professional to sit with your loved one and guide him/her in reaching the “right” decision.

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Then, the “Enhanced Self-Assessment Program” is for you!

  • Used by thousands of families across the US and Canada.
  • Developed by an Ohio ex-state trooper, Matt Gurwell, and a team of gerontologists, the program is a self-assessment.
  • The older adult, guided one-on-one by a certified BDD (Beyond Driving with Dignity) professional, is led through a process of self-awareness in their abilities and skills related to driving.
  • It is the older adult, under the guidance/recommendation of the BDD professional, who decides whether it is time to “retire from the driver seat to the passenger seat.”
  • This process ensures that the older adult is treated with dignity and respect.

The process is simple but powerful:

  • Time is spent before the self-assessment with the family to understand concerns related to driving safety and to discuss transportation alternatives.
  • The self-assessment takes place between the certified BDD (Beyond Driving with Dignity) professional and your loved one, usually at the kitchen table. A driving exercise is usually included.
  • A recommendation and summary report is then provided by the BDD professional.

As the program founder Matt Gurwell says, we need to “limit driving, not living.”

The goal of this program is a peaceful resolution to this difficult issue while acknowledging and respecting the older adult.

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If you are OUTSIDE northwest Indiana or southwest Michigan area, click here to get more information from founder Matt Gurwell.

Group Presentations for families and professionals

Would your organization or business be interested in hearing more about senior driver safety?

Did you know?

“In 2012, more than 5,560 older adults were killed and more than 214,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes.

This amounts to 15 older adults killed and 586 injured in crashes on average every day.   (According to the CDC)

Hosting a presentation is a wonderful way to bring important and content-rich information to your clients or employees and save lives!

Presentations for families & older adults:

In each of the following presentations, we share

  • the warnings signs of diminished driving skills
  • why it’s hard for families to discuss
  • how to start and have the conversation
  • “ Adults with Aging Parent Drivers” (for families)
  • “A Safe Drive Through the Aging Process” (for older adultsa safe drive through driving process

Presentations for professionals:

We will soon be certified to offer the following two presentations for professionals with CEU credits for nurses and social workers in the state of Indiana.

This is a great opportunity for busy professionals, when offered as a ‘Lunch & Learn’ over the lunch hour.

CEU presentations

Professionals:  Take this opportunity to become prepared to effectively address concerns about driving safety through the following 2 presentations:

  • “Driving Under the Influence of Dementia”
  • “Bringing a Peaceful Resolve to Complex & Sensitive Senior Driving Issues”

To inquire about any of these presentations, click here

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