~ Kim Linder, founder at Senior Holistic Living, LLC and host at The Caregiver Hour

Dale Carter is a woman with a mission; to help caregivers create a plan to transition their parent/s and help themselves create balance in their lives. I have witnessed her powerful presentations many times and each time the audience gets her supportive message and buys her book, “Transitioning Your Aging Parent: A 5 step Guide Through Crisis & Change.” They are the lucky ones because they have chosen to be empowered, to be informed, and to be encouraged.
We recently co-presented at the Aging in America Conference in Washington, DC, and the participants were busy writing down the tips that Dale shared with them. They were priceless.
I highly recommend Dale for speaking engagements, presentations and staff training.


Michael Allard, Director of Operations, Principal Senior Living Group, http://bentonhouse.com/

“I first discovered Dale from a colleague via Linked-in. As a professional in the senior living industry, I decided to take Dale’s e-course on transitioning aging parents,  Five Essential Strategies to Help Your Parents Face Change. For one week, I received a daily e-mail full of useful information and by the end, knew I had found a wonderful new resource for families. Since that time we have given Dale’s book out to literally hundreds of families as they seek out their best options to help loved ones age successfully. What makes Dale’s book so unique and useful is its brevity and clarity. I have told Dale that she captures more information in her brief book than multiple volumes from other resources.

We were so impressed with her work that we recently secured her to speak at several of our communities. Dale’s presentations were excellent. Her knowledge base is deep. But, families respond more because she speaks from her heart and from her own experience transitioning her aging mother. I look forward to future opportunities to work with Dale.

If you are serving seniors, either personally or professionally, I encourage you become part of Dale Carter’s network. In addition to her own materials, she serves as a wonderful conduit for gathering and distributing resources. Today more than 65 million people serve in the role of family caregiver. That number will only increase in the future. I am so thankful we have people like Dale to help!”


PK Beville

~P.K. Beville, Geriatric Specialist, Founder, Second Wind Dreams, Author and Creator of the Virtual Dementia Tour, http://secondwind.org/

In Dale’s course,  Five Essential Strategies to Help Your Parents Face Change, you know right away that she has been in the trenches with her own experience.     Even better, she has taken the time to research all five areas along with easy to follow links with as much information as a family member could need.  This is critical in creating a knowledge base for caregivers.  Too many times caregivers are told what they should do with no background information as to WHY it should be done in that way.   Dale doesn’t do that.  In fact, I get the sense that she would view it as an insult to her followers if she didn’t research every topic before sending it over the Internet.

In addition, as a specialist in this field for 26 years, I think all professional caregivers and supervisors should take Dale’s course.   It helped me tremendously as I continue to strive for the best understanding I can have about families and what they are going through.

Thank you, Dale, you have given families hope and it’s my hope that more professionals will take advantage of your extensive research.


lisaslephoto_2Lisa Sneddon, Founder, Senior Living Experts, http://www.SeniorLivingExperts.com

Anyone coping with aging parents will find Dale’s 5 part E-course, Five Essential Strategies to Help Your Parents Face Change, to be extremely helpful.  It is very well written, but is not going to take up your valuable time, something most caregivers have very little of.  You can read it at your own pace and learn important strategies on how to open the channel of communication with your parents.  Especially on those subjects of the challenges you both face.  You have nothing to lose from taking the class and some advice (and a little sanity) to gain!



~Christine Gallagher, Online and Social Media Marketing Mentor, http://communicatevalue.com

In her Five Essential Strategies to Help Your Aging Parent Face Change e-course, Dale does a wonderful job of providing great tips, clear steps and actionable advice for caring for an aging parent or loved one.  Dale is obviously very knowledgeable on the subject, and her e-course takes you from where to start all the way to reminding you not to forget to take care of your own well-being.

She includes helpful guidelines for when to intervene, explains the phases of aging, covers common questions and prepares you for the possible challenges.  Dale doesn’t sugar-coat what she clearly understands is a difficult time for adult children to go through, and her advice is both practical and comprehensive.

If you are looking for someone who can give you honest, thoughtful, no-nonsense strategies for caring for an aging parent–then you need to sign up for Dale’s e-course!

–Christine Gallagher, Online and Social Media Marketing Mentor, http://communicatevalue.com