To all those with aging parents, you are not alone!

You don’t need to hear any more statistics about the millions of boomers who are struggling with aging parents. You don’t need to read anymore research and complex reports about Alzheimer’s or other health issue. What you do need is someone who will meet you where you are. There’s never been a better time to take control of your situation, right here, right now.

  • Learn to understand your parent, their needs, wishes and values
  • Leverage the resources appropriate for him or her
  • Build your support network (including strong family support)
  • Find your own peace of mind.
  • Take action now. Do not wait until the point of crisis!

Meet Dale Carter , a respected voice for adult children of aging parents! Since facing her own mother’s health/life crisis in 2008, Dale has established herself as a voice of reason, as she has traveled around the country from the Midwest to Atlanta, through Florida and New York City. She will share her message of how to approach any change or crisis in your aging parent’s life with clarity and confidence. Since immersing herself with authors and experts in the field of gerontology, she has expanded her reach to adult children across this country. She wants to now show you how to guide your aging parent(s) so they can œthrive and find joy in every stage of their life.

Learn From a Recognized Leader in Eldercare

Over the past four years, Dale has

  • Launched her business, Transition Aging Parents
  • Her radio show, Transition Aging Parents
  • Published her book¸ Transitioning Your Aging Parent: A 5 Step Guide through Crisis & Change which includes her empowering ADAPT framework for caregivers and families.
  • Been sought out by senior living communities across the country to present her signature presentation (based on her book)

Whether you new to the issues of aging parents and caregiving, or someone who has been struggling for some time, you can learn about a wonderful new framework, ADAPT, a process to use in time of crisis and change as well as strategies for strengthening family and personal relationships.

So whether you’re a new caregiver or you’ve been at this for months or years, male or female, only child or struggling with siblings, you’re about to learn perspectives and strategies from a woman whose life’s work is all about helping you, the caregiver.

Get Started With Dale Today – Book, Program, or Coaching

Dale’s simple and practical tips will help you

  • understand and connect with your aging parent
  • get the support you need
  • gain more free time
  • create the balance and life that you want

Do not just struggle through, thinking you will œhang on until after your caregiving is over, and then you’ll get back to your life as it was. All too often, the strains of caregiving increase to such a critical point, that your health and well-being are put in jeopardy, long term. You cannot constantly be 24/7. You cannot add to an already heavy workload of work, family and other responsibilities.

Dale has created an innovative ADAPT framework to help you as you guide your parent through crisis & change. Discover how to make the right decisions while balancing your own personal needs and family responsibilities. This is not a book you read once and put on the shelf. It is a reference book that you can slip in your purse or briefcase to refer to when you’re visiting your parent, at their doctor’s appointment, or while talking with your sibling.

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Dale’s speaking programs are energetic, enlightening and energizing!

Senior living communities, national conferences, Gerontology consortiums and associations ¦ reach out to Dale with your next speaking opportunity.

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And her coaching programs are highly regarded. While you’re here, why not reach out to Dale for a complimentary call about her coaching services. Caregiving can often seem like a downward spiral. Dale’s empathetic listening style and holistic approach to caregiving will help you move your life forward. Her Caregiver Coaching packages will be custom-designed to meet your needs.

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